Welcome to TEv2, the Tegaki E Reboot. TECHNICAL ALPHA VERSION!

All entries and comments are hand-drawn/written, with a mouse or tablet. Come draw with us.

Please read the rules.

Welcome james!

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1/25/2017 - Classic mode (with zoom) returns! Only in Main for now (coming to Groups very soon) and no save. Call it a preview.

6/6/2016 - Custom palettes back

5/21/2016 - Bookmarks and initial implementation of groups added. Please send me your feedback. Tags coming soon.

5/14/2016 - The site's back or something. For myself and the 10 of you who really wanted it back. Lots of features still to go, but it's a start...

Known issues: undo sometimes sucks. can't edit things. Yes there's no zoom yet.
Features coming: tags, bookmarks, editing, subscribing, groups v2, everything else that was in te1

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